Explore The Mystical Kingdom Of Bhutan, The Bastion Of Gross National Happiness

Welcome to our website. We invite you to visit Bhutan, the land of Gross National Happiness. It is one of the most exclusive and high-end travel destinations in the world with rich natural and cultural heritage. The country pursues sustainable tourism under the new brand, Bhutan Believe.

As your travel partner, our aim is to make it truly memorable, exciting and wonderful. We believe in providing high quality experience and services to our guests. With a dedicated team of professional guides and staff, we walk the extra mile to take care of your needs and exceed your expectations.

Let us know how you wish to spend your vacation in Bhutan, and we will organize it beyond your expectations. We look forward to receiving you and serving you with highest standards. So, visit the himalayan kingdom and enjoy our truly remarkable services and experiences!

Things to do in Bhutan

Adventure And Trekking Tour

Adventure trips to Bhutan provide the mouth-watering prospect of exploring the extremely challenging terrain of the eastern Himalayas. Bhutan has almost everything that a wilderness enthusiast would look for: snow-capped mountains, virgin forest, hair-raising gorges, stunning meadows, valley, streams and rivers, rare flora and fauna, and a natural landscape that has changed little or none for millions of years.

Attend Festival With Locals

The most popular attractions for visitors and citizens alike in Bhutan is the annual festival called the tshechu. Festival in the Land of Thunder Dragon are rich and happy expressions of its ancient Buddhist culture. These festivals are held in all districts in Honour of Guru Rinpoche, the saint who introduce Buddhism in the 8th century.

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