Travel to Least Visited Destination in Bhutan- The Alternative Destinations.

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There’s off-the-beaten-path travel, and then there’s really off-the-beaten-path travel.

In countries located in remote corners of the world, with limited space and infrastructure, mere thousands of travelers visit each year. But of course, this lack of tourism is precisely what makes them so incredibly desirable.

In a world that is shrinking by the day thanks to social media and increased accessibility, it’s a wonder to discover places that are still, by and large, untouched. The best part? While they might take a bit longer to reach, they are all entirely visitable, and very worth your time.

Sugarcane candy from Tsirang

While Bhutan is a small nation, the reason behind its low tourism numbers is that foreign visitors are required to pay a minimum tariff of $250 per day, which makes this one of the world’s most expensive destinations. The reason behind this is that the Bhutanese pride themselves on sustainable tourism, with a philosophy that Gross National Happiness matters more than Gross Domestic Product.

That said, this daily tariff buys you an all-expenses-paid vacation, with accommodations, food, transportation and an official guide all provided. It’s not group-style travel; visitors are able to craft their own schedules. But backpackers tend to steer clear as the country does not cater to low-income travelers.


The good news is despite the imposition of $250 per day for tourists to Bhutan, Bhutan have been listed as the 2020 Bucket list destination in the world. The kingdom of Bhutan have increasingly proved to be tourists travel destination in Asia.

For those tourist who travel to Bhutan for the first time, exploring western and central part of Bhutan is commonly included in the itinerary, however for those people who wishes to travel beyond tourist destination can always tailor your itinerary of your travel choice.

According to the annual Tourism Council Report, some of the least visited tourist destination in Bhutan are Dagana and Tsirang. In contrary, these two districts are among the green hub in Bhutan. One can witness authentic rural Bhutanese lifestyle. Most of the locals are engaged in farming. These two destinations can produce rich gastronomy and culinary experience.  Dagana District is covered with 80 % forest.

These two destinations are also equally rich with the cultural significance and it dates back to late 90s under the dynamic rule His Majesty the Fourth King of Bhutan. To curb the problem of poverty and encourage farmers to work on harm, disadvantaged and less fortune people mostly from eastern part of Bhutan were relocated new plot of 5 acres and in between many Bhutanese from all walks of life resettled in Tsirang and Dagana. Today if you stroll around Tsirang and Dagana you will come across blend of customs and traditions.

These two least visited travel destination definitely fulfill your travel bucket list and it can be truly enriching experience away from over crowded landmark in country.