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If you are looking out for an opportunity to let yourself feel the inner peace, discover intricate human ideologies and instinct, and an exact reflection of how Buddhism has taken its shore among the Bhutanese community, you must definitely try homestay. Simply not to feel good and loved, but of all, to hoard volume of good memories in life.

Traditional Grinding stone

Bounded by Buddhism, Bhutan is indifferent to any other hotspots in the world.  It is a home to preserved culture and traditions that has been passed down to us from forefathers, encircled with bunch of different dialects spoken within the regions, the availability of different kind of Bhutanese cuisines and the mode of story telling culture by the oldest member in the family which usually happen in rural community are some of the most profound culture one wouldn’t dare to miss, for that would make a visit to Bhutan totally surprising and worth cherishing.

Traditional hot stone bath

Bhutan has a deep sense of historical and cultural aspects practiced in almost all the regions with the blend of religion, customs and culture. If you are a travel freak and wanted to experience unique cultural ideal, you must try a cozy homestay accommodation in rural Bhutan and feel the authentic traditional lifestyle, just like your home.

Why homestay in rural Bhutan?

Most of the Bhutanese homestays are family estate either located in the middle of small farm in a rural setting, somewhere beyond urban reach, away from the clustered human settlement and urban pollution. The architectural design of the Bhutanese homestays are traditional, either a replica of fortress or ancient monuments with aesthetic appeal that is quite unlike any other. Also, the homestays are open to natural scenic beauty, to help you seek peace and serenity. Of all, what makes Bhutanese homestay wonderful is the amalgamation of the warmth of the hospitality like that of modern day comfort, ensuring best of the services.

Bhutanese farm house

Bhutanese are kind, open and you will resort to not just experiencing good local foods but also stories, local folklore and the myth that surrounds around. In just one complete package.

While most of the people choose homestays as a means to experience traditional Bhutanese cuisines, there are also few who wish to experience peace and tranquillity of the conducive natural environment. Don’t worry, most homestays in rural Bhutan offer natural view as they are located in the suburbs of forest, truly giving a picture of nature lover’s paradise. And, at the same time, it stern the mood from the modern day hassles and bring peace in mind.

Traditional food of Bhutan

If you are wondering where to find homestays in Bhutan, here are the list of rural homestays that you must go and try.

1. Chimi Lhakhang Village homestay is located in Punakha

2. Paro Village View Homestay is outside the city, en-route Chele la pass

3. Ugyen homestay is located in Dumchoe Valley in Haa district

4. Noryang Homestay in Punakha

5. Namgay Homestay in Paro

6. Nirvana Homestay in Satsham, Paro